Jeannie Garcia was born in Miami, Florida to exiled Cuban parents. She began modeling at age 14, and soon began working for top designers, such as Chanel, Ferragamo, Oscar da la Renta, and others. She worked as a runway/print model, commercial actress, film actress, dancer, and singer. She was at the peak of her career, having shot for Cosmopolitan and Maxim magazine as well as having just begun her career in film, but God had other plans.

He revealed Himself to her in a personal way, despite having grown up in the Catholic Church. Reading the Scriptures, she discovered that her talents were meant for more than just her own personal growth and fame. For her this meant walking away from it all to grow in faith. She then solely focused on God and her family. 

Years passed and God began to reveal that it was time to return. Her new career began with a starring role in Open My Eyes where she had the honor of writing and performing the theme song and 2 other originals. 

She has since been working hard for the Kingdom of God with three films that are in post-production, Assassins A.D. and Princess Cut 2 & 3. Also in post-production are TV series Dreamfactory and web series Replica. Not much can be revealed about her most recent role for a television sitcom pilot as well as casting announcements for upcoming productions. 

Her goal is not to make her name famous, but to be a light in this dark world. 

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